Perfect your Product Pitch to Buyers

Buyers care about finding products that will sell because when products sell, stores make money. When products sell more, stores make even more money. And the happy cycle keeps going!

Pitching is all about building a connection with the buyer and providing them with a five star experience. It’s making them feel comfortable and confident in their choice to bring on your product. Here are five tips to wow a buyer:

#1. Dress Professionally

First impressions are important, especially in this case. Buyers are trusting that if they place an order, you will be able to deliver. Give them every reason to believe this! Not to mention, this is food and food safety is really (really!) important. If you show up disheveled, you are not making the right impression.

#2. Sample First

Imagine if someone walked up to you and talked all about how amazing food was and even showed you it but wouldn’t let you try it. You wouldn’t focus on anything they said. All you would think about would be trying the product. This is what happens if you wait until the end to sample your product. Always hand out samples first.

#3. Ask Questions

Ask questions that allow the buyer a voice and ability to engage right off the bat. For example:

  • Do you like bagels?

  • Do you like food?

  • Are you hungry?

#4. Introduce Yourself and Your Product

Who are you? Why are you passionate about your business? Why will your product delight their customers?For example:

I’m Grant and I’m obsessed with creating a better bagel experience. I’ve made it so you can eat bagels on the go without the mess of trying to spread cream cheese.

#5. Take Away the Risk

The biggest risk for retailers is that they bring on a product and it doesn’t move. You can use a few different tools to help mitigate this risk:

  • Freefill (one free case of product as an introductory deal)

  • Demo (introduce and engage with their customers)

  • Online ads to direct customers your way

  • Help restock and set the shelf

  • Come out and build a display / provide merchandising materials (shelf talkers, etc.)


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