Caribe Juice And WTRMLN WTR Are In Over 11,000 Stores!

Union Kitchen Member Luis Solis, founder and CEO of Caribe Juice and WTRMLN WTR, is seeing success just as sweet as his juice. Luis' brands have just hit 11,0000 stores! Rooted in the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean, Luis' story exemplifies the power of embracing one's cultural origins; and how passion, when supported by the right resources, can grow into an empire. 

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Luis Solis' love of fruit juice goes back to childhood. Growing up surrounded by delicious produce, Luis loved to sip freshly squeezed tropical juices. These childhood memories would go on to ignite his entrepreneurial dreams.  After pursuing his undergraduate studies, Luis attended University of Virginia (UVA) to earn his MBA. There he combined his love for entrepreneurship with a focus on creating a sustainable and thriving business. Having honed his business skills, Luis turned to Union Kitchen to help him achieve the next level.

Now with the Accelerator Program, Luis gained access to a network of resources in the food space and a . With this community came helpful, real-world information around launching a market ready product. Following Union Kitchen's guidance, Luis focused on three key areas: phased growth, owning his own manufacturing, and committing to the quality of his product. All of these actions set him up for success. Today, his products are available in over 11,000 stores nationwide, including: Whole Foods, Walmart, Costco, and more! He even managed to open a facility in his native Dominican Republic! Like other Union Kitchen success stories, Caribe is a shinning example of growing sustainably and building to last.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of Luis Solis and the support of Union Kitchen, Caribe Juice and WTRMLN WTR has become a success. So congratulations, Luis on 11,000 stores nationwide! Your remarkable feat demonstrates the power of dedication, innovation, and collaboration.