Behind the Scenes with Union Kitchen at Expo West 2023

Union Kitchen, a food business accelerator, recently attended Natural Product Expo West, one of the largest natural and organic products trade shows in the world. 

Cullen Gilchrist, Union Kitchen's CEO and Founder, spoke in the Breakfast Retail Panel alongside Andrew Henkel, Executive Vice President of SPINS, and Liz Williams, President of Foxtrot. The panel discussed the latest trends and challenges facing the retail industry, from product innovation to changing consumer behaviors. Gilchrist, as an experienced CPG expert, was well-positioned to share his insights and expertise with an eager audience. 

Expo West, as it is more commonly known, also saw the founders from leading CPG brands out of the DC-area: Snacklins, Mas Panadas, Sweet Kiwi, Susosu, and Spudz. These brands represent a diverse range of products, from plant-based snacks and beverages to hydrogen water and frozen french fries. Expo West provided an incredible opportunity for these brands to gain recognition and exposure and connect with industry professionals, investors, and consumers.

As the premier Food Business Accelerator, Union Kitchen is passionate about helping their Accelerator Brands stay ahead of the curve and build products that consumers want. The growing roster of Union Kitchen Accelerator Members in attendance and features at several events is a testament to Union Kitchen's rapid growth in the natural food world. 

If you're a food entrepreneur looking to grow your business, consider applying to Union Kitchen's Accelerator. They provide expert guidance, resources, and support to help emerging food brands succeed in a highly competitive industry. Union Kitchen is dedicated to helping their accelerator brands stay ahead of the curve and become the next big thing in the food industry.