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Successfully launching and scaling a brand comes with many challenges. Less than 3% of CPG brands grow beyond $10 million in value and under 1% grow beyond $100 million. Through our Accelerator, 7.5% of brands have achieved valuations above $10 million. These brands started in the exact same place you are today. They wanted to build something bigger than themselves. 

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Our Accelerator works through four phases to help you build your successful food business from launch to scale.


Accelerator Benefits

Accelerator Benefits




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Having the Accelerator, the certified kitchen, the distribution, the grocery stores, it means you have all the pieces to go from developing your idea to actually trying it on shelves with the least amount of risk and least amount of investment. That's the way to do it... And being within a community such as Union Kitchen was extremely helpful, because we're all walking the same path. And we are all dealing with the same problems. It's much more fun when you can share the ride with others that are in the same book.

Margarita Womack Mas Panadas

One day I was like, Hey man, I got this really funny joke. I want to make a vegan pork rind. And so we made this crunchy, puffy, almost pork rind like chip. As we got bigger, we realized, oh my gosh, this has feet, we got to get somewhere legit. And that's when Union Kitchen came on and they not only gave us a space to work out of but they also helped us with guidance and building all the infrastructure that you need to start a company. It's not just cooking oddly enough. We joined them when we were in seven stores and now we're nationwide.

Samy Kobrosly Snacklins