Catchy Slogans for Food Entrepreneurs: How to Cook Up a Memorable Motto

A slogan is a concise, memorable phrase that represents the core values and message of a brand. In the food industry, having a strong and effective slogan is crucial for establishing brand identity and building customer loyalty.


A slogan helps to communicate the value proposition of a food business and why your company is the best possible option for the consumer. It can serve as a shorthand for the brand's mission and personality, helping customers to quickly understand what the business stands for and what they can expect from its products. For example, a fast food chain that focuses on using fresh, wholesome ingredients may use a slogan like "Food you can feel good about." This instantly communicates the brand's focus on health and wellness, making it appealing to customers who prioritize these values.


A good slogan should also be memorable and easy to recall. This helps to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty, as customers are more likely to choose a brand that they have heard of and that they associate with positive experiences and values. A memorable slogan also supports marketing efforts, as it can be used in advertising, packaging, and in promotional materials to reinforce the brand's message and build brand awareness.


Here are some examples of how leading CPG brands use slogans to connect with their audiences and create brand recognition:

Liquid Death: “Murder Your Thirst”

Snickers: “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”


Snacklins: “Eat the Whole Bag”

A slogan is a powerful tool for food businesses to establish brand identity, communicate their better value proposition, and build customer loyalty. A well-crafted slogan should be memorable, communicate the brand's core values and message, and support marketing efforts to increase brand recognition and appeal to customers.