Phase Two Product Market Fit

Phase Two starts when you are in market and on shelves in Union Kitchen Stores. Product Market Fit is all about learning through our ecosystem! It's learning what customers want and how to deliver that consistently, every time. It's building a team to achieve your mission through your core values.

Our Manufacturing Infrastructure

We’ve poured our resources into building an incredibly dynamic manufacturing infrastructure - Kitchen, Distribution, and Stores - designed to allow brands to achieve product market fit faster.

What is our Manufacturing Infrastructure?

Our manufacturing infrastructure is our Stores, Distribution, and Kitchen. We have invested to build a system that quickly provides feedback, both anecdotal and sales data, and drives early revenue to build companies faster and better prepare for growth.

Why focus on Product Market Fit?

Businesses that have achieved product market fit are worth scaling. They are businesses that have proven that they are solving a real customer need and have the market interest to make a large impact.

How do you know you've found Product Market Fit?

Customers are buying your product again and again. You are outselling the national category leader in our stores and you are getting picked up by more and more accounts. 

Our Stores

Our Stores connect products directly with consumers. We learn and iterate towards what they are telling us.


  • Access to early sales channel and revenue to defer need for outside cash infusions 

  • Recommended product iterations based on in-market feedback

  • Monthly benchmark reports against category leaders pulled from our Store data

  • Opportunities to demo and connect directly with customers

Our Distribution

Our Distribution manages the logistics of selling in our regional ecosystem, drives early revenue, and collects feedback from retail partners.


  • Management of the logistics of product distribution to our local ecosystem

  • Monthly Distribution reports showing movement and health of product in our local ecosystem

  • Customer list and inclusion in our Distribution Catalog

Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen sets you up for manufacturing with over 17,000 square feet of production space that is USDA and FDA-certified.


  • Support and guidance on equipment purchasing and financing for next-level production

  • Access to our network of suppliers and industry partners

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