Jem Ferments Launches at Union Kitchen

It all started one night in Malaysia, when two sisters, far from home and eager to explore the local night market, stumbled upon a woman selling her handcrafted bubbly and sweet refreshing drink. The sisters, Emily and Jessica, had never tasted anything like it before. Obsessed with their discovery, the pair returned to the market the next day. They had to know what the beverage was and how to make it. It turns out that the lightly carbonated, sweet, fermented drink was something called Water Kefir. Water Kefir, the local woman explained, is made by fermenting water kefir grains (a collection of different bacteria) and sugar water. 

Upon returning home, Emily, a recent Dartmouth Graduate, continued her obsession with fermented foods and drinks. She had to know everything! She read all she could and started messing around in the kitchen, making everything from sourdough, kimchi, and kombucha, to her favorite, water kefir. 

While there is no shortage of fermented foods, the sisters knew that there was something special about water kefir. Packed full of probiotics with a light and refreshing flavor, it only takes one sip before you’re hooked. After many requests from friends and family, Emily and Jessica decided to start Jem Ferments and can their water kefir recipes. 

With a mission to make loving your gut fun, simple, and all-natural, the sisters are excited to officially launch three refreshing flavors: Black Cherry Lemon, Orange Ginger, and Strawberry Lime. The best part about Jem Ferments is there is no need to read the tiny ingredient label, because what's on the front is on the back. It is that simple. 100% juice and no preservatives, Jem Ferments is bringing the magic of their travels to the grocery shelves.

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