Susosu's Full Cirlce Moment: Partnering With Giant, Where Co-Founder Nadia Had Her First Job

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Susosu, the innovative brand behind hydrogen-infused mineral water, has recently partnered with Giant Foods in a heartwarming full-circle moment.

Susosu, founded by Jheen Oh and Nadia Lizarazu, has quickly gained recognition for their unique approach to hydration and wellness. But what makes their recent partnership with Giant Foods so special? Well, it turns out that Nadia Lizarazu, one of the co-founders, had previously worked at Giant Foods as a teenager. Talk about a remarkable twist of fate!

Through this collaboration, Susosu has gained an incredible opportunity to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience. Giant Foods, being one of the largest grocery chains in the mid-Atlantic region, provides a platform for Susosu to showcase their innovative product to even more people.

Susosu's partnership with Giant Foods is a significant milestone in their journey. It represents a full-circle moment for Nadia Lizarazu and serves as a testament to the brand's dedication to innovation and wellness. Through their relationship with Union Kitchen, Susosu developed and launched a market ready product, assessed product market fit, expanded their distribution network, and are now rapidly expanding in the local market. 

Northern Virginia Maganize discusses how Susosu's partnership with Giant Foods is a true full-circle moment and a major milestone for the brand! Co-founder Nadia Lizarazu's previous experience working at Giant Foods as a teenager makes this collaboration even more special. Teaming up with Giant Foods provides an amazing opportunity to reach an even more customers across the mid-atlantic and is just the beginning of Susosu's growth. 


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