Susosu Water Launches their Functional Hydrogen-Infused Mineral Water

When Susosu Water co-founder Jheen Oh welcomed his father back from his trip to South Korea, his father presented a new type of water product to their family - hydrogen-infused mineral water. Jheen’s father has a long-standing passion for new and emerging food and beverage products, so this product stood out to him with the added benefits. After trying hydrogen water, Jheen was hooked. He began to do further research into the features and benefits of drinking hydrogen-infused water. From there, he teamed up with co-founder Nadia Lizarazu and they created Susosu Water.

Hydrogen has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and energy boosting properties. This type of hydrogen-infused water is made by pressurizing the water, which breaks down the molecules of the hydrogen into smaller clusters, allowing them to go deeper into the body’s cells. The result is hydrating mineral water, packed full of powerful antioxidants! Susosu Water is packaged in an aluminum pouch. This is necessary because if it was packaged in plastic or glass, the hydrogen would become dissolved as it escapes the package. 

Susosu Water launched through e-commerce and Jheen and Nadia saw positive feedback coming in from Amazon sales, along with sales from other websites like Walmart Online. Jheen and Nadia are excited to launch in retailers like Union Kitchen to get the customers first-hand feedback as they are trying the product. This helps them create a stronger connection to the consumer, teach them about the product, and share the mission of Susosu Water. 

The biggest challenge for Jheen and Nadia was learning about the CPG industry and how it differs from e-commerce. For being in the CPG industry, Jheen advised, “Be ready to move at 100-miles-per-hour. It’s a tough industry and it’s fast paced. You have to be ready to learn”. Overall, they are looking forward to and enthusiastic about the partnership with Union Kitchen, specifically because of the retail expertise the Accelerator will bring that will have a positive impact on what they are looking to improve on.

Go grab a pouch of Susosu Water at your closest Union Kitchen store and experience the benefits of hydrogen-infused water!

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