Keeping It Island One Yummy Yam Donut at a Time

Congratulations are in order to Manny Grey and the Para Hita team, who are launching sweet potato donuts. Only a few products are good enough to succeed on the market. Even fewer are able to draw such a demand that it warrants a food service. So how then did Para Hita manage to succeed and beat the odds? The answer is through hard work, determination, and a bit of innovation.

First things first. What is Para Hita? Para Hita is a DC-based food manufacturing company that uses food to take you to the otherside of the world. According to Manny, “Para Hita creates delicious, convenient, and satisfying Guam-inspired products... Creating an island-style dining experience in your venue, home, office, or dorm room has never been breezier!” This comes in a wide variety of options: delicious wings, sauces and, of course, their iconic sweet potato donuts. Fluffy and made with only the best ingredients, it’s little wonder so many people have demanded the delectable pastry.

Make no mistake about it, this exciting development didn’t come about by luck. The story of Para Hita is one of hard work and determination. While stationed overseas, American soldier and Guam native, Manny Grey saw cooking as means of dealing with homesickness. Each bite brought him a little bit closer to that delicious cuisine he grew up loving. After finishing his service, Manny spent a bit of time in culinary school before taking the ultimate leap into the world of food manufacturing business. Working with Union Kitchen, Manuel worked on refining his concept, developing a company mission, and built his business up to where it is today. Certainly a feel good story, but it doesn’t end here.

Whenever a company decides to scale up production, there's always a lot of work. Food is complicated. Baking small batches looks a lot different from setting up a manufacturing line. Ingredients don’t always behave the same way in large quantities. We see it all the time. People love the product, but there’s not enough of it. The maker starts to produce a lot more, but the quality isn’t the same. As Manny explains, “There's more room for error as you scale up any recipe... the quality can be affected.” 

To figure out how to both make a lot of donuts and maintain the quality and care, Manny had to think outside of the box. Through trial and error, Manny eventually figured out a solution. Para Hita would bake in large batches, but, at certain points, they would break these down into smaller batches. “Breaking up these large batches at these critical control points helped me ensure quality integrity while scaling up.” The result? A very delicious and fluffy donut created with care.

Para Hita’s new donuts are available at Union Kitchen and by special request through the Para Hita website. Come on by and try them for yourself!

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