Investing in our team: $18/hr starting wage


We started ten years ago with a mission to build successful food businesses. We had an audacious goal to make DC the center of creating a new food economy. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of businesses and thousands of people. We have opened 6 stores, a distribution facility, and built multiple kitchens.  We have persisted and built a great company and a great team.  

All of this requires a deep commitment and investment in our team. We are only as successful as our ability to execute, develop expertise, and grow together. We are excited to announce more investments in our team for 2022. These include industry leading pay, a strong leadership development program, certification training and investments, and continued benefits.

Starting Wage Increase to $18/Hour – Our starting wage will be $18.00/hour. This means our minimum wage at Union Kitchen is $18.00. That’s 2.5x the US minimum wage, 1.9x the Virginia minimum wage,  and ~20% higher than the DC minimum wage.  We want the best team to make good money.

Compensation Increase! – We are increasing compensation by almost 20% on average across all positions for 2022. Our average compensation on our store teams will now be $28.50/hr.

Professional Certificates - Union Kitchen pays for professional certificates from nationally recognized groups like Servsafe, Ohio State, Cornell, Culinary Institute of America and WSET, to name a few, to help our team develop their careers, wherever life takes you!

Leadership Development – We have created on-demand programs and in-person training to develop leadership skills with dedicated instructors. In 2021, we invested over $500k into this program.  And it’s paying off for all of us.  Through this program, all of our leadership positions have earned their way through the levels of leadership.  In 2021, we had over 230 promotions! We build leaders!

And you get Bonuses When You Get Promoted to many positions, as well!

Benefits that go beyond our industry norms.  We offer Health, Vision, and Dental Care and access to a 401k.  

Paid Time Off - we offer up to 7 days of Sick Paid Time Off and the ability to earn Vacation PTO up to 20 days of PTO depending on your level.

Bonuses -  General Managers and up have the opportunity to earn bonuses to increase their compensation.

Other Benefits such as Bikeshare, Uniforms, and a Computer purchase program

We are building this company together, year by year.