Clark's Cube Takes on Face Masks

When Clark’s Cubes founder, Chris Clark, noticed people were having trouble finding face masks, he immediately went on the hunt for sewing machines and fabric. “We felt we had to do something,” Chris told us. Being both a manufacturer and an entrepreneur, Chris was well-positioned to fill the need for DC consumers. In less than two weeks, Chris filled his first order for 200 face masks for the Union Kitchen team. He is now launching his face masks in Union Kitchen stores. The Masks are 100% cotton and machine washable. They come in sizes for adults and children.  

Chris Clark originally launched Clark’s Cubes in 2018 with a line of cubed coffee and tea. Chris wanted to offer a more sustainable beverage option that was also convenient. “For me, success would be making these cubes in a way that is neutral and that people see as useful enough to allow me to make a measurable impact on the total waste generated by the convenient beverage industry,” Chris explained. The cubes are now available in over 80 locations around the Mid-Atlantic, including in Whole Foods Market. 

So how do face masks tie in with cubed tea and coffee?  

Clark’s Cubes, like many food businesses, was impacted by the recent shutdowns. Chris saw an opportunity to create a positive impact by providing an essential item and remain within his core focus of sustainability through reusable masks. As a manufacturer, Clark’s Cube was able to leverage existing production infrastructure to respond quickly to changing consumer behaviors. 

As might be expected during a global pandemic, the materials for making these masks were in high demand. The biggest challenge to get these to market was finding elastic and fabric. Clark and his team initially struggled to find the necessary materials. Luckily, alternative sources, such as other local business listings, provided Clark’s with some of the items his team needed. The rest would eventually return for purchase after a waiting period. Sometimes being both patient and proactive is key.

If you haven’t been able to obtain a mask or looking to replace an old one, definitely consider buying a Clark’s face mask. They’re high quality, reuseable, and fit on various sized faces. Clark’s face masks will be available in Union Kitchen stores starting on May 11, 2020. 

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