8Myles is Going National!

Congratulations to 8Myles for launching into three new retail chains! Your favorite comfort food will soon be available nationally.

8Myles founder, Myles Powell, started his company to bring better quality comfort food to the market. Myles always had a love for food and a proclivity for hustle. Raised in a family of food-obsessed entrepreneurs, Myles found that his best moments of family time were spent gathered around for daily meals. The stars of the show were always comfort food - collard greens, fried chicken and, of course, mac and cheese.

Myles has been a part of our Union Kitchen ecosystem for over 6 years. Through this time, Myles has launched various product lines including his mac n’ cheese and condiments like Pineapple Buffalo, Mango Magic, and Raspberry BBQ.

Through pushing sales, building relationships with store teams, persistent fundraising, and developing solid brand recognition in the Northeast, 8Myles is ready to go national. 8Myles will be launching in Sprouts, Stop & Shop, and Giant Eagle. The team is on track to surpass 1,000 stores, which will double their store count in the coming months. 

Again, congratulations to 8Myles! We can’t wait to see your mac n’ cheese in stores across the country.